- Flex Printing

Flex printing is an effective way to create eye-catching banners, posters, and billboards. Mangala Graphics employs state-of-the-art technology to produce vibrant and durable flex prints that can withstand outdoor conditions.

flex printing services in Bhubaneswar

- Vinyl Printing

Vinyl printing is a versatile option for both indoor and outdoor applications. Mangala Graphics utilizes high-quality vinyl material to create custom decals, vehicle wraps, and signage that are not only visually appealing but also long-lasting.

- Sun Board Pasting

Sun boards are a popular choice for mounting prints. Mangala Graphics offers precision sun board pasting services, ensuring your prints are perfectly mounted and ready for display.

- T-shirt Printing

Personalized t-shirts are an excellent way to promote your brand or create unique merchandise. Mangala Graphics specializes in t-shirt printing, using cutting-edge techniques to produce high-quality, customized apparel.

- Standee Canopy

For events, exhibitions, or promotional activities, standee canopies are essential. Mangala Graphics designs and prints standee canopies that are easy to set up and grab attention.

- Van Branding

Transform your company vehicles into moving advertisements with Mangala Graphics' van branding services. They can turn any vehicle into a mobile billboard, effectively expanding your brand's reach.

- Glow Sign Board

Glow sign boards are perfect for businesses that want to make a lasting impression, day or night. Mangala Graphics creates stunning glow sign boards that are not only attractive but also highly visible.

- Canvas Printing

Transform your cherished photos and artwork into stunning, gallery-quality canvas prints. Durable and vivid, these canvases add elegance and a personal touch to your space or gifts.

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